Professor Dr. Md. Rafiqul Islam Sarker
Krishibid Group

Key qualifications and expertise:
*Work experience as Team Leader of several large development projects covering capacity strengthening of government and non government institutions, poverty alleviation and rural development, gender equality and other cross-cutting issues and rural infrastructure projects, funded by International donor agencies.
*Over 42 years experience in teaching, research and curriculum development at university level. This included several senior administrative and academic management positions including Vice-Chancellor, Dean of faculty, Head of Academic Department, Head of Planning & Development Section and Director of Research & Development.
*Participated in institutional reform processes in the University and the national agricultural research system.
*Advisory role to Government on national agricultural policies.
*Strong analytical and writing skills gained through many years working with international consultants, development
partners and funding agencies in multidisciplinary teams.
*Published widely in national and international journals and participated in many international symposia and workshops.
*Played important role in establishing agricultural based industries, heath services facilities and other social activities.
 Academic qualifications:

Courses Institution/ Places Subject Year
Ph. D. University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK Agricultural Engineering 1984
Post Doctoral Research Cranfield University, UK Agricultural Engineering (Mechnization) 1994-95
M. Sc. University of Reading, UK Agricultural Mechanization 1974
Postgraduate Certificate Cranfield University, UK Crop Processing and Storage 1972
Postgraduate Certificate University of Bradford, UK Project Planning & Management 1997
B.Sc. Engineering Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology, Dhaka Mechanical Engineering 1969
Major Training Courses: 

Title of  Training Course Institution Duration Year
Quality Assurances and Project Performance MDF, Netherlands 2 Weeks 2004
Institutional Development & Organizational Strengthening MDF, Netherlands 2 weeks 2003
Institutional Reforms and Sustainable Livelihoods IDS, University of Sussex, Brighton, UK 2 Weeks 2002
Engineering Planning & Management Institutions of Engineers Bangladesh (IEB) 1 Week 1996
Languages: (a) Bangla: Mother tongue; (b) English: excellent in speaking and writing; (c) Urdu: Speaking.

Computer skills: MS Word, Excel, Power Points, Internet Browsing


1.0  Present Employment

1.1  Designation: Professor, Department of Farm Power & Machinery,

Employer:  Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh, Bangladesh

Tenure:  7 August 1986 to date (retiring from full time employment from  9 March, 2013)

 -Teaching in undergraduate and postgraduate level in the field of Farm Machinery and Agricultural Mechanization Management

 – Supervision and guidance of undergraduate and postgraduate students’ thesis work

 – Conducting contract research funded byBAU, National & International sponsors

 – Development of courses & curricula for the undergraduate and postgraduate studies
– Examining and supervising Ph.D. and M.S. theses and research works respectively

 -Involvement in Research System development and Administration of BAU

2.0  Past Employment:  (on Deputation)

2.1  Designation: Vice-Chancellor, University: Jessore University of Science & Technology, Jessore 

       Period: 3 September 2008 to till 7 April 2009


– Involved in University Development as Head of Administration

-Involved in overall financial management and approval authority

-Approval and development of courses & curricula for the undergraduate and postgraduate studies

– Appointing authority of teachers and staff of the university
2.2 Designation: Project Director, Jessore Science and Technology University, Jessore

       Period: 1 September 2006 to till 2 September 2008.

-Prepare Master plan for a new science and technology university under public sector.
-Overall direction and supervision of the design and construction of infrastructure for the complete university
-Develop academic programmes for a new university
-Monitor and evaluate project outcomes/activities for implementation of  Tk. 586 million GOB project fund

2.3    Designation: Director, Research and Development, Bangladesh Agricultural University,

Period: 1 January 2004 to 7 July 2006.

-Manage all research projects funded byBAU, National Funding agencies, NGOs, International Donor Agencies
-Supervise, Monitor and Evaluate project outcomes/activities
-Approve funds for over 125 projects amounting more than Tk. 300 million
-Arrange evaluation workshops and seminars

2.4    Designation: Associate Professor, Department of Farm Power & Machinery,

Institution: Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh, Bangladesh

             Tenure/Period: 17 December 1977 to 6 August 1986

-Teaching, supervision and guidance of undergraduate and postgraduate students
-Conducting basic and applied research in farm power issues 

2.5    Designation: Assistant Professor, Department of Farm Power & Machinery,

Institution: Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh, Bangladesh

Tenure/Period: 5 September 1970 to 16 December 1977

Teaching, supervision and guidance of undergraduate students

2.6 Designation:  Assistant Engineer,  Chittagong Steel Mills Ltd., Chittagong, Bangladesh.

      Tenure/Period: 23 March 1970 to 3 September 1970

Responsibilities:  Maintenance Engineer in various Production Mills.

3.0 Academic Administrative Positions and Experiences: 

3.1 University Developments and Administration:

Post/Position Duration Responsibilities
Head, Department of

Farm Power & Machinery,BAU, Mymensingh, Bangladesh

2 years

 (February 1987 to February 1989)

¨      Day to day Management of academic and administrative affairs and Supervision of officers and employees

¨      Courses and curricula development and implementationt

¨      Chairing all academic affairs meeting includingBOS


Faculty of Agricultural Engineering & Technology,BAU, Mymensingh

2 years

(1 March 1992 to 28 February 1994)

¨      Head of Faculty administration

¨      Process courses and curricula for approval through academic council

¨      Supervision of academic and faculty development affairs


2 Halls of Residence ofBAU

4.5 years

1978-81 & 85-87

¨      Management of 600 residential students and over 50 hall employees
University Engineer,

BAU, Mymensingh

1.5 Years

(April 1992 to August 1993)

¨      Supervising development and maintenance work of civil, electrical, water and sanitation work including over 100 technical supporting staff.

Planning and Development,

BAU, Mymensingh

More than a year in 1993-94 ¨      Prepare development plans for 3 to 5 years for the development works of the university

¨      Plan, Supervise and Implement Development works

3.2 Members of University Administrative Committees and Bodies:

-Statutory Member of Academic Council, Faculty and Board of Studies since 1977

-Member University Planning and Development Committee (since 1992 till May 2008)

-Member of University Syndicate (1993-94)
-Expert Member of Professors’ Selection Committee (Chancellor’s Nominee)

4.0    Research and Project Experience:

4.1 Major Research Project:

Project Director: Strengthening Institutional Capability for Research and Extension in Farm Power Issues Project (Known as REFPI Project).  ABAU– DFID bilateral project (Project budget £ 1.632 million). Tenure July 2000-June2004.

    Main purpose of the project was poverty alleviation of the rural poor.

Details of responsibilities described below.
-Project administration, management, and implementation. Focussing project activities for adaptation of tools and technology for the sustainable livelihoods of the rural poor.
-Supervision, monitoring & evaluation of about 40 sub-projects funded throughout Bangladesh by REFPI and implemented by GO, NGOs and the Private Sector.
-Development of a Training Plan for sub-project leaders, scientific staff and partners in various fields.
-Preparing scope of work and terms of reference for consultants.
-Participated in output to purpose reviews of development projects

4.2 Other Completed Projects: 

Sl. No.



Funded by

Major title of Project/Research work

1 Team Leader (11- member team) 1 Year (2006-07) GOB Development of National Biosafety Framework (NBF) Project (funded by UNEP and GEF), Department of Environment, Ministry of Environment, GOB, Dhaka. 2006.
2 Project Coordinator 2 Years


NRI-DFID “Options for use of power tillers and draught animals for primary cultivation on small farms”. A collaborative research work between BAU and NRI, UK. NRSP Project No. R7180,

Project Budget: £ 98000.

This was a project in the High Potential Production Systems focussing on poverty reduction through partnership in natural resources research. UK Team Leader: Martin Adam

3 Principal Investigator 2 years


BAU Energy needs for crop production by small farms. Project was a field-based study in two sub-districts of Mymensingh district focussing on energy inputs/outputs and costs of different farming systems for rice production.
4 National Coordinator 3 Years


EEC & ODA “Hand tools for crop production”. A multinational collaborative project with Silsoe Research Institute, UK as partner.
5 Principal Investigator 1 Year (1993-94) CIDA & SIDA “Energy requirements for crop production”.
6 Core Team Member 5 years (1986-91) Ford Foundation Crop diversification & Irrigation management
7 Principal Investigator 2 years


DANIDA/ MCC Effect of tillage on plant growth
8 Core Team Member 3 Years (1978-81 DANIDA Development of improved plough
9 Principal Investigator 2 Years (1978-80) BARC/ WB Development of low cost rice dryer
5.0  Consultancies:

Organization/Project Designation Brief Work title Year
1. DANIDA,  IRDP Project Technical Consultant Tillage Equipment Development for small farm systems 1978-81

 (Part time)

2. DANIDA, LRP Project Agricultural Engineer Improved Plough Development project 1985-86
3. ITDG/ODA (now DFID) Technical Expert Feasibility study of Steam for Gur project 1987-88
4. RNAM, ESCAP, UNDP National Consultant Preparation of Agricultural Machinery Directory for RNAM countries 1989
5. FAO National Supporting Consultant Farm Power Study- Bangladesh: National Machinery, Equipment and Mechanization status Data 2002
6. DFID,UK National Consultant Mid-term Review of BDSM (Katalyst) Project 2004
7. KATALYST, (a project of DFID, CIDA, SIDA, Swiss-Contact) National Consultant Master Plan Preparation for Agro-tools manufacturers and Innovation  of Agro-tools 2005-06
8. KATALYST (a project of DFID, CIDA, SIDA, Swiss-Contact) National Consultant Final Review/ Evaluation of KATALYST Project June 2007


National consultant Review of Agriculture Input Service Delivery (AISD) PROJECT in Greater Bogra (Bogra and Jaipurhat) and adjacent areas, Implemented by IDE Bangladesh. February – March, 2008
10. The European Commission (EC), Through HCL Consultants National consultant Ex-post evaluation of Rural Maintenance Programme Phase III Stage III (RMP III- 3) Aug, 2007- April, 08
11. FAO National Consultant Review of Proposed list of Agricultural Equipment and Preparation of Technical Specifications for the Project on Support to assist Landless, Marginal and Small farmers to overcome soaring input and food prices in impoverished areas of Bangladesh.

Project: GCP/BGD/043/EC funded by EC.

June 2010
6.0 Professional Membership 



President Bangladesh Society of Agricultural Engineers (BSAE),

Period: 2002-2010

Life Fellow Institutions of Engineers Bangladesh (IEB)
Life Fellow BSAE
Fellow Bangladesh Solar Energy Society
Member Bangladesh Association for Advancement of Science
Member Alumni Association of German University

7.0 Other Business/Social Activities:
-Chairman, Krishibid Firm Limited (an Agro-based private Ltd. Company) since 2001
-Chairman, Krishibid Group ( a Group of several Agro-industries and enterprises) since 2006.-
-Chairman, Executive Committee (EC), Krishibid Group since January 2012.-
-Chairman, Sodesh Hospital  (PVT) Limited, a private Sector Health Care Services center, Mymensingh.

7.0 Study/ Exposure Visits and Trainings/Conferences/Workshops Participation in Other Countries




UK 1972-76 (4 yrs) Higher studies and short training (Diploma and MSc in Agric. Eng.)
UK 1981-84 (3 Yrs) Ph. D degree
Germany 1979 (4 weeks) Study Visits to 5 universities and several Research organizations
Malaysia 1980 (1 week) Presented Country Paper on Post harvest Processing and by-product utilization at the Regional Conference of Commonwealth Science Council on Rural Technology, held at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
India 1980(1 Week) Presented Country Paper at the RNAM Workshop on Post Harvest Processing held at IARI, Delhi, India.
UK 1988 (2 weeks) Draught Animal Technology (DAT) Course for Professionals at CTVM, Edinburgh, UK
NL 1988 (2 weeks) DAT course for Professionals at DEVENTER, Netherlands
UK 1990

(10 days)

Participated at the Int. Seminar on the role of DAT for rural development at CTVM, Edinburgh University, UK
Sri Lanka 1994 Presented Country Paper on Sustainable Agriculture and Agricultural Engineering. Held in Colombo, Sri Lanka.
UK 1994-95 (6 mms) Post Doctoral Research at Silsoe College of Cranfield University on Mechanization.
UK 1997

(3 months)

Certificate Course on Project Management and Development at Bradford University, Bradford, UK.
UK 2000 (1 week) Participated in Agric. Eng 2000 Conference at Warwick University, UK.
Thailand 2000 Participated in Intl. Conference on Agricultural Engineering at AIT, Bangkok.
Nepal 2000 Study visit to Nepal Agricultural Research Council and DFID HARP project
Malaysia 2000 Study visit to University Putra Malaysia for Curriculum Development, Malaysia.
China 2001 Participated in the Intl. Conference in Beijing and study visit to Nanjing and Shanghai for Agricultural Mechanization
India 2002 Study visit to different Research Institutions and University in India for collecting experience on agricultural engineering education, research and industrial production in India.
UK 2002

 (2 weeks)

Participated in Short course on Institutional Reforms and Livelihoods at IDS, Sussex University, Brighton, Sussex, UK.
Vietnam 2002 Study visit to Ho-Chi-Minh University of Agricultural & Forestry and various Research Organizations to gather experience on educational progress, research and development works on processing and drying, Vietnam.
Philippines 2002 Study Visit to IRRI, UPLB, Philrice and IIRR for curriculum development and experience gathering on R&D.
Thailand 2002 Study visit to AIT for faculty Curriculum Development, Bangkok.
Malaysia 2003 Study visit to UPM for curriculum development (April 2003), Malaysia.
UK 2003 (2 weeks) Study Visit to Newcastle University for Research Progress Review (25-28 August & 13-23 September 2003), UK.
Netherlands 2003 (2 weeks) Attending Training course on Institutional Development and Organizational Strengthening (1-12 September 2003).
Netherlands 2004(2 weeks) Attending Training course on Quality Assurance and Performance (May-04)
Australia 2006 Attending Commonwealth Conference on Research and Development at Brisbane, Australia, August 2006.
China 2012 (10 Days) Visit to various Agro-processing industries throughout China.
Publications: 70 publications in peer reviewed national and international journals including Technical Brochures and Booklets..
Presentations and Participations:
-Participated in more than 30 National and International Conferences/Seminars
-Presented over 30 Key Note papers, R & D and Technical Papers in National and International Scientific Discussions/ Conferences/ Seminars
-Presented few country papers in International Conferences/Workshops/ Seminars
Chief Editor  and Editors: Worked as Chief Editor of the following reputed Journals:(a) Journal of Agricultural Machinery and Mechanization (ISSN 1024-6290), 1996-2004.(b) Journal of Bangladesh Agricultural University Research 2004-07 (ISSN 1810-3030)(c)  Journal of Progressive Agriculture 2006 to 2010 (ISSN 1017-8139)(d) Working as Editorial Adviser of Bimonthly ‘Krishi Barta’(e) Working as Member of Editorial Board of Bi-annual Journal ‘The Agriculturist’.

Reference:Professor Dr. Shah M. Farouk ( Ex-Vice Chancellor, BAU),
21 Shaheb Ali Road, Natun Bazar, Mymensingh 2200

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