Krishibid Fisheries Limited

Krishibid Fisheries Limited

Krishibid Fisheries Limited

Krishibid Fisheries Limited

Krishibid Fisheries Ltd. is a sister concern of the Krishibid group this is ISO 9001:2015 Certified. Krishibid Fisheries Limited started its activities with the signing of a memorandum with the owner of Mymensingh Hatcheries Limited in May 2011. The hatchery complex is situated at Bahadurpur Bazar about 10 kilometers from Trishal on Trishal – Balipara Road Finally emerged as a Private Limited Company through its formal registration with the Joint Stock Companies and Firms on 06 February 2012.



GOAL With a view to achieving the cherished goal of Providing quality animal protein to the seriously malnourished section of the communities. Krishibids Aqua farming venture has been undertaken for producing fish through ethical management practices to provide quality fish free from hazardous chemicals and preservatives.


– To produce quality seed of different fish and shrimp species for rearing and production of quality fishes and shrimps.
– To develop sustainable aquaculture practices for the commercial production of fishes and shrimps.
– To disseminate different auqaculture technologies to the fish farmers as far as possible and feasible
– To strengthen the personal relationship and cooperation among the members living around the project
– To provide necessary assistance towards the development and efficient management system for different types of aquaculture practices
– To establish a model Agro- business complex under one umbrella.
– To provide safe and quality product to consumers and the nation as well.
– To run agro- business industries and trade efficiently and rationally.


Hatchery Facilities:

1. Medium size Circular Breeding Tank -02

2. Incubation Jar – 50

3. Cemented Cistern – 20

4. Deep Tube Well – 01

5. Submersible Water Pump -01

6. Overhead Water Reservoir -01

7. Electric Generator -01

8. Fish induced breeding facilities- Moderate

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