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The Glorious Lands and Development Limited (GLDL) is a real estate company established in 2004. This is one of the earliest ompanies of the Krishibid Group, which was basically formed to help resolve the residential problems of the professional agriculturists and others. In this endeavor, the GLDL has uccessfully developed large housing areas at Birulia, about 1.5 km North West of Mirpur, Dhaka. The company possesses about 300 hectares of land that accommodates 3000 plots with provisions for all modern civic facilities. These plots are mostly purchased and owned by professional agriculturists. The project area is on natural high lands and is uniquely protected from air, water & sound pollution. Permanent campuses of Glorious University and Glorious International School are within the project. The project also keeps provision for hospital, mosque complex, park, shopping mall, grave yard, playground etc. The Birulia bridge connects the project with Uttora 3rd phase. The project is a10 minutes drive from Mirpur

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