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About Us

Vice Principal’s Biography

Mohammad Sharifur Rahman born on 21, December 1978 at Comilla in a practicing Muslim family. His father was an honest police officer and mother is a woman entrepreneur. He brought up at Dhaka from the very beginning of his childhood. Schooling started  from Rajarbag Police Lines High School. Completed Graduation from Calcutta University, India. Professional career began with an Injury Research Project funded by UNICEF. Have also experience on banking, marketing, branding, customer service and training during working with Standard Charted Bank, Trust Bank and a Real Estate company. He awarded as Man of the year of 2005 in Standard Charted Bank, Bangladesh.

At present he is the Vice Principal of  Glorious Technical Training Institute (GTI). He trained five thousand trainees about Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) from GTI and other PTPs. He is also one of the Soft Skills Trainer of SUDOKKHO project in his Institute.

Mr. Sharif is a guest consultant of

He conducts training sessions in other technical training organizations of the country.

About Us

Glorious Technical Training Institute (GTI) has created a great opportunity for the poor, unemployed, unskilled, orphan, distressed men and women. Krishi Foundation has established this vocational institution in 2008. Since its inception the unskilled youths of the country have been getting opportunity for skill development training in 6 different trades in Dhaka. All the students who have passed from our institute were absorbed in different government, non government, national and international organizations/institutions. Moreover, many skilled students are being self employed.GTI is to provide outstanding market oriented technical education and training. It is aimed to produce innovative quality products and to provide services for the national and international market. In future GTI can play a significant role in nation building by expanding skilled manpower in the fields of agricultural mechanization, renewable energy sector, transport & vehicles manufacturing, engineering workshop’s network for industrial spares making and so on.

GTI is planning to add new and modern machineries to cope up with the emerging and changing technologies as well as build up new infrastructures in a more planned way for efficient control of the training activities. Moreover, joint venture business may be undertaken in the future with the local and foreign partners.


To encourage the socially disadvantaged young men and women for self employment and involving them in mainstream development initiatives of the country.
To produce highly skilled manpower providing technical education and training according to the demand of the labour market both in the country and abroad.
To skill up-grading the semi skilled manpower for employed industrial workers.
To run the production units (commercial workshop) to achieve long term financial sustainability.
To run the research and development unit (R&D) for the development of agricultural machineries in collaboration with the other organization.

Message of Chairman

Education is the infinite source of all enthusiasm and all the motive force of the nation.

No difficulty or obstacle can stand on the way of the nation’s development and progress when it is educated in the true spirit and sense of the term


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  • Salient Features

    1) Certificates of Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB) are awarded to the successful students.

    2) The curriculum of Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB) is followed.

    3) A group of expert and dedicated trainers are engaged in teaching and training.

    4) Modern equipment’s and adequate raw materials are supplied for practical class training.

    5) Adequate practice facilities are provided for each student.

    6) English and moral teachings are compulsory for students.

    7) Standby generator, UPS, multimedia, overhead projector and photocopier are available.

    8) Stipend available for the A+ awarded meritorious students.

    9) Poor but meritorious students are awarded stipend and grant.

    10) Linkage and liaison are maintained for employment of students.

    11) Campus is completely free from politics and smoking.

    12) Residential facilities with lodging and fooding are available.

    13) Special courses are available for overseas employment.

    14) Skills up-grading programs (evening shift) are available for employed industrial workers.

    15) Learning while working policy is adopted.

    16) Instructor learner ratio is 1:10.

    17) Curriculum is prepared in consultation with the employers for special program.

    18) Handouts and Job sheets are provided to the students.

    19) Emphasis on practical / hands on training (80% of total course) policy is adopted.

    20) Linkage with other technical centers and employers are maintained.

    21) Social work support services are provided.

    22) Employment support services are provided to graduates

Other Benefits

1) Free of cost training for the orphan, distressed and poor children along with free lodging, fooding and medical facilities is available.

2) Special sessions are being conducted by the expert engineers / technical persons of reputed organizations / institutions.

3) Text books for every trade, biography, and relevant books are available in the library.

4) Separate batch is arranged for the female students.

5) Available scope of practice in own workshop after completion of the training.

6) Physical exercise is routinely practiced by the students.

7) Facilities of sports, games and co-curricular activities are available for the students.

8) Compulsory classes are taken on moral teaching and social attitude.

9)Full time supervision of the trainees is done for moral and physical up gradation.

Governing Body

Professor Dr. R.I. Sarker

Dr. Md. Ali Afzal

Kbd. Tariq Hasan

Professor Dr. Md. Aminul Islam

Dr. Md. Musharraf  Husain

Kbd. Md. Alamgir

Abu Noman Faruq Ahmmed

Dr. M A Mazed

Name Designation Affiliation Email address
Professor Dr. R.I. Sarker Chair person Chairman- Krishibid Group. Former Vice Chancellor- Jassore Science and Technology University and  Former Dean- Faculty of Agricultural Engineering, Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensings, Bangladesh risarker@gmail.com
Dr. Md. Ali Afzal Member Managing Director- Krishibid Group. aafzal@krishibidgroup.com aafzal@bdcom.com
Kbd. Tariq Hasan Member Former Director General- Department of Agricultural Extension, Ministry of Agriculture,  Bangladesh tariq.hassan15@yahoo.comtariq.hassan@yahoo.com
Professor Dr. Md. Aminul Islam Member Former Director General- Bangladesh Fisheries Research Institute and Former Dean- Faculty of Fisheries, Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensings, Bangladesh amin_1944@yahoo.comaminul_1944@yahoo.comaminul@krishibidgroup.com
Dr. Md. Musharraf  Husain Member Former Director- Bangladesh Rice Research Institute, Gazipur, Bangladesh musherrafhusain@gmail.com
Kbd. Md. Alamgir Member Senior Scientist-  Bangladesh Fisheries Research Institute mdpoultry@krishibidgroup.comalamgirbfri@yahoo.com
Abu Noman Faruq Ahmmed Member Assistant Professor – Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University, Dhaka, Bangladesh nomanfarook@yahoo.com
Dr. M A Mazed Member Secretary & Principal Former Director General- Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute, Gazipur and  Former Instructor – Islamic University of Technology, Gazipur, Bangladesh mazed.bas@gmail.com