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Krishi Foundation

Krishi Foundation, a non-political, non-profit, non government and charitable organization solely committed to participate and promote nationwide development through addressing the socio-economic problems of the disadvantaged and underprivileged people of the society.

1. Name of the Agency: KRISHI FOUNDATION

2. Address:

Head Office:

Krishibid Group Tower, 801, Kazipara, Mirpur, Dhaka-1216.
Phone: 88 02 8050828, 88 02 8051030,
Cell: 01915473308, 01915473359
Fax: 88 02 8034120
E-mail: dmannan2000@yahoo.com
Web: www.krishibidgroup.comI am text block. Click edit button to change this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

Branch Office:

a). Nisinda Bazar, Upazila: Valuka, Dist: Mymensing
b). Guzium, Upazila: Valuka, Dist: Mymensing
c). Bahadurpur, Upazila: Trishal, Dist: Mymensing
d). Comlapur, Upazila: Savar, Dist: Dhaka
e). Panirchara, Upazila: Moheshkhali, Dist: Cox’s Bazar
f). Napithkhali, Upazila: Sadar, Dist: Cox’s Bazar
g). Kosundi, Upazila: Sadar, Dist: Magura
h) Latachapli, Upazila: Kuakata, Dist: Patuakhali.
3. Contact Person:  Kbd. Dr. Md. Ali Afzal, Chief Executive Officer
4. Legal Status:


Name of the Authority


1. ERD, Ministry of Finance Vide Reg: No 88009

2. FAO, UN Vide Reg: 004821

3. UNDP Vide Reg: 05509

4. Government of Bangladesh. Vide Reg: No C44060(600)

5. ADB Vide Reg. No. 000498

5. Type of Agency: Non Government, Non political, Agriculture Dominated, Research, Survey, Training, Consultancy & Social Development. This is the sister concern of Krishibid Group.

6. Working Area: All over Bangladesh.

7. Year of Established: The Foundation has become formally operational in 2001 under the Societies Registration Act 1860 (Act XXI of 1860) with the registered office 801, Kazipara, Mirpur, Dhaka-1216.

8. Vision: To create productive self-employment opportunities and to develop human resources for improving socio-economic conditions and quality of life.

9. Mission: To create self-empowered, self-financed and self-employed communities with increased capacity to provide need based services and support on awareness raising, agriculture, credit, health, population, nutrition, education, counseling, environment, gender issues, marketing, social security, technology, etc.

10. Goals: To Ensuring socio-economic up liftmen, create productive self-employment opportunities and to develop human resources for improving socio-economic conditions and quality of life especially for underprivileged and marginal section of the society.

11. Background of the Agency:
Krishi Foundation, a non-political, non-profit, non government and charitable organization solely committed to participate and promote nationwide development through addressing the socio-economic problems of the disadvantaged and underprivileged people of the society.
Krishi Foundation is a subsidiary organization of Krishibid Group had its beginning in 2001. Krishi Foundation is interested in rural development and has gathered considerable experiences in different Agricultural fields and earned a reputation for excellence in a number of sectors, such as agriculture (forestry, seed, fisheries livestock) education, and several other areas for social development. It has substantial contribution to the socio-economic development in Bangladesh through provision of consultancy services. Combining experiences with quality, Krishi Foundation has emerged to be one of the best Consulting Firms in Bangladesh. Krishi Foundation has implemented a wide range of projects and involved in implementing development projects funded by GoB and various donors including IFAD, the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the World Bank. Krishi Foundation is fully aware and familiar with the UNDP/UN systems/GO/NGO rules/ regulations due to its working experience with the agencies like IFAD/USDA/ICARDA/ FAO/UNDP/NGO and National & International Development Partners.
The Foundation has been working with unique and special programs for the welfare of distressed humanity and to make poor, landless and asset-less people self-reliant through utilization of Taka 5.00 million donated by its shareholders. Foundation has taken up a number of schemes covering the whole ofBangladesh. It also aims at capacity building of farmers for increasing production of crops, livestock, poultry and fish.
Aspires for a society free from exploitation, deprivation, malnutrition and oppression where every individual will be able to get rightful shares of the resources, Research, Survey, Consultancy, Training for Skill development, Human Rights, fulfill basic needs, where justice will be honored, people could be able to live in peace and harmony.

12. Objectives of Krishi Foundation:
To assist underprivileged people for capacity building and ensuring provision of basic needs like employment, income, education, health,  medicare etc.
To improve socio-economic condition of disadvantaged and underprivileged people through undertaking and implementing strategic programs.
To help institutional building at rural level to initiate group based social, moral cultural activities.
To transfer ownership to the beneficiaries for their income generation and livelihood improvement.
To develop professionalism in consultancy services through augmenting personnel capability and providing services to government and non-government agencies in Bangladesh and abroad.
To assist Governments and implementing agencies in policy and decision-making in achieving the best output through provision of consulting and technical assistance services;
To be of assistance to public and private sector organizations in identifying appropriate policy options through in-depth studies and to provide necessary support services to development partners in undertaking appropriate pre- and post- project/program evaluation studies.
To provide women and child rights program and legal support to the victims in order to establish their human rights.
To operate adult mass literacy and non-formal primary education program for the adult women and children respectively.
To enforce the oppressed women rights, prevent the women and children trafficking through awareness building and support.
To make the community people conscious & aware about their situation, develop their confidence, self-respects and creativity to make them fit for their desired changes.
To organize the poor of the poorest women of the society, united and help for strengthening their individual and collective ability and capacity.
To established Hospital for health treatment of the target people of the community.
To support financial and humanitarian activities for the people of working area.
To established Skill Training Centre for the unemployed Youth group of the community.
To liaison with GO, NGO and others organization for the development of the country.
To arranged Research, Survey and Consultancy for the betterment of the people of the country.

13. Administrative Strength’s & Management: 
Krishi Foundation is administered by a governing body headed by the chairman. The governing body is constituted by sixteen highly qualified professionals as Directors. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is responsible for day to day administration and operational activities. The source of found is donation of the members and grant of national and International Development partners. Around Ten professionals, Ten Executives and Ten staffs work for regular operation of the Foundation.

14. Financial Resources & Name of Present & Past Donor Agencies:
International Fund for Agricultural Development-IFAD.
World Bank.
United Nation Development Program-UNDP.
Food and Agricultural Organization-FAO.
USDA through Bangladesh Academy of Science-BAS.
International Center for Agricultural Research for Dry Areas-ICARDA
Islamic Relief, Worldwide.
Asian Development Bank- ADB.

15. Logistic Support:
Krishi Foundation has its logistics like transport, Computer, and a well decorated office with recent and modern facilities of connecting worldwide. It has offices and resting place all over the country. It has number of field offices of its own and its affiliated organizations. The organization has a range of office equipment, materials and facilities, which will be utilized as necessary.

16. Major Activities and Credibility in the Agency:
Krishi Foundation is a non-profit organization interested in rural development, primary health care, human resources development, and disaster relief while the other has been particularly involved in providing technical assistance in development areas. Beginning with a special focus on agricultural development, Krishi Foundation has gradually expanded its involvement in some other important sectors. The Foundation identified the following broad areas of intervention to achieve its objectives;-
Agriculture, Horticulture, Livestock and Fish Production.
Education, Research and Publication.
Health & Nutrition, Public Health & sanitation and Medicare.
Micro Finance and Rural Finance.
Environment Managements Aspects.
Gender Issues & Women Empowerment, Child& Human Rights.
Education program for Children and Disable Activities.
Training for Skills and Human Resource Development.
Technology Transfer.
Poverty alleviation and IGA through Skill Development Training.
Research, Survey and Consultancy for Social development.
Small Entrepreneurs Development Activities.
Humanitarian, Relief and Rehabilitation Activities.
Counseling/Advocacy, Services.